Boldbaatar Chultem

Boldbaatar Chultem


Artist, art historian and critic, Ch.Boldbaatar graduated from Surikov Academy of Fine Arts and later received his Ph.D. from Mongolian University of Arts and Culture. He held several chair and faculty positions at the Institute of Fine Arts, the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, and the National University of Mongolia until 2014. His research focuses are parietal and contemporary art; was invited to the museums and universities in Germany, Japan and China for symposiums.

Besides his academic works, Ch.Boldbaatar pursued artistic career since 1981, exhibited his works in USA, Japan, China, France, Germany, Korea Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria and other countries, was one of first Mongolian artist to exhibit in the western countries, during socialist time. Since then he developed strong interest in contemporary art and now he works closely with young artists, providing his valuable advises. He is a participant of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Residence Program in 2003 and Beijing Biennale 2006.

He was awarded the Golden Star Medal from the Mongolian Academy of Fine Arts, the Medal of Honor for Labour Achievements and the Order of the Polar Star from the Government of Mongolia and the title of the Best Artist from the Union of Mongolia Artists. Currently he serves as Vice President of the Mongolian Academy of Fine Arts.