VOICE OF MONGOLIA: Mongolia to participate in Venice Art Biennale


Mongolia is to participate in Venice Art Biennale for the first time. Mongolia’s debut will be made at Mongolian contemporary art pavilion placed at the 56th International Art Exhibition at Venice Art Biennale from May to November this year. Currently, Mongolia Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale is planned to display works of two Mongolian artists and also to present a new additional art performance of its Nomadic Pavilion component to designated public spaces in the city of Venice. Mayor of Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Bat-Uul appealed Mongolian businesses and individuals to sponsor the first ever Mongolia participation in the Venice Biennale. The Venice Art Biennale is a major contemporary art exhibition in the world that takes place once every two years in Venice, Italy.

See at: http://en.vom.mn/d/8867